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As an established harp maker I recognise the satisfaction that I get from building harps and decided that harp players, who are by definition very talented with their hands, might want to build their own harp. However; there in this lies an issue that many people have, this being the availability of the tools, workshop and materials etc. to achieve this.

The Build a Harp kit enables anyone with basic DIY capabilities to construct their own 26 string Celtic harp. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player you can have the satisfaction of building your own harp. After completion you will have a proper musical instrument that you have made yourself.

The harp kit costing £350 GBP, includes FREE U.K. and Ireland shipping. I will also ship worldwide at competitive prices. For this price you will get EVERYTHING you need to build your own 26 string harp. All wooden parts (CNC cut/drilled), screws, glue, strings, proper tuning pins (not zither pins), bridge pins etc. even the tools required and sandpaper, along with full assembly instructions.

Once you have built your harp all that is left to do is to sand it to your desired finish (rounding of edges etc.), paint or lacquer it whatever colour you wish and then string your instrument.

Carry cases which have been custom made are available from this site. They are specifically tailored to fit both the Build a Harp and the Turmennan Learner 26. The case is made from Cordura type material and is padded and fully lined. It has a shoulder strap and a pocket on the outside.

Sharping levers can be purchased from the ‘STRINGS & ACCESSORIES’ link above.


build a harp kit 2
student harps

If you can use a screwdriver you can ‘Build a Harp’

Brian Waugh with a harp
Brian Waugh with a harp

Brian Waugh

Brian Waugh with a harp